Gramma Stella's Cookies
Mom  Stella Sarnowski died tragically in a pedestrian Accident on January 2, 2003. I know she would like you to use her recipes.
    First off, Gramma Stella is my mother. She has four kids. Ten grandchildren and five great granddaughters. She baked about one hundred and fifty dozen cookies for my daughter's wedding and did the same at my son's wedding. Nothing says loving like someone else baking your cookies
    Everybody's asking for the recipes that she uses and she recently put together (real cut and paste) a collection of the recipes.

    She was then going to make seven copies and send them to some of the kids who wanted them. I said "Don't worry mom, send me the recipes and I'll put them on the web." My mother told me that my mouth would get me into trouble someday. Well amigos, it's some day. She suffers from macular degeneration and I can't imagine how much time she spent cutting and pasting and making pretty.... Her thoughts were good and I hope I got these right. So enter and enjoy.
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